Vintage Carved Cow Heads


“The “Pashu” (which means cow in Malayalam, a local language of Kerala, in southern India) Heads are inspired by the Oachira Cattle Festival, a large festival which is held in Parabrahma Temple in Kerala, South India. 150+ carts with colorfully decorated Bullocks are brought to the Temple compound and paraded throughout the ground. It is considered a thanksgiving celebration to the Lord Shiva by the farmers from that region.  Wood Animal heads have always been a part of homes in certain parts of India, but painted versions started in the early 60’s as a way to highlight local artists in the region. They are so beautiful and add so much vibrance to your home!

Product Details:

  • Small: L: 13in W: 6in 
  • Medium: L: 18 in W: 7in

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Vintage Carved Cow Heads Vintage Carved Cow Heads

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